Month: March 2018

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Top 100 Interior Design Bloggers Award


A few weeks ago I posted good news on my Instagram stories and promised to reveal why we were celebrating.    Bless her, Isla looked as if we’ve won tickets on the Saturday Night Takeaway plane!  It’s not quite that exciting in her world.    The news was that I got featured on a list of the Top 100 Interior Design Bloggers.    You can see it by clicking here.

I’m still over on Instagram rather a lot at the moment, so I haven’t blogged for a while.  It’s really nice to be noticed from as far away as Australia for the various musings I’ve posted over the last couple of years, though.  So thank you to the judges at Novus Homes!

If you have the time to scroll right down to find me (I’m number 96), you’ll go past some really great bloggers, including and rockettstgeorge, plus many more.     Be warned, many an hour could slide by whilst you’re looking.