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A chance to sit down with a magazine on a long train journey means I’m only just reading about the new William Morris Pure Collection of fabrics and wallpapers which was released last month.  Available here, the William Morris team have ‘neutralised’ several of the designer’s original patterns by washing the colours out and turning them all into shades of grey.  They are, I think you’ll agree, very subtle and really quite beautiful.

So if the result is serene collection of stunning and classic prints, which are remarkably easy to use, so why is my overriding feeling one of sadness? I’ve said before that I love greys and I do, but I also believe that we can’t get away from the mood they engender. Sophisticated, yes. But also moody and, yes, sometimes more than a little bit depressing.

Grey (whatever the shade) is usually the bland bit of any scheme and in my view it is most useful as a counterpoint to colour. So, with so much grey about, I’m a little concerned that even William Morris’ beautiful colours are being censored. And I hate the idea that we’re all being taught to paint by numbers when it comes to interiors and fashion.  I often imagine how we’ll look back on grey in 10 years time.  Remember “Taupe”?  

So dare I say it, bring on the colours.  I’ll be pairing these fabrics against the softened pastels that the publicity team at William Morris only found in an open landscape shot of what looks like the Scottish Highlands.  

Or I’ll just go the whole hog and help a client to in some Original Morris and Liberty prints to a modern/mixed-era scheme just because they’re so damned beautiful. 

Life is better in colour, so why not cheer up our homes for a change and stop being fearful of anything but grey?

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