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Absinthe Greens Inspiration for our #shoplocal #WomanCrushWednesday

Following on from our #SaturdaySwag post and last week’s shout out for @Haykinshop, we’re still going local and putting a shout out for lovely ladies who select fab items that we can buy in Ilkley.  

This week’s #WCW is @atticwomenswear.  Bess and Bubble have both been shopping their sale this last week and who better to stock up your lovely new dressing room than Ilkley’s own style maven @sarahlyles. 

At the moment we’re loving just about everything from Hoss Intropria and Maison Scotch.  Looking ahead to autumn, we’ve noticed a real fashion/interiors crossover, with emerald green making a strong appearance on today’s Rosamunde fall collection board by@atticwomenswear as well as through the current tropical botanicals trend in interiors shown above.

So whilst we wouldn’t advocate dressing the same as your decor(!), it looks like just a dash of something new and absinthe green may be what is needed to bring a fresh look to both our homes and wardrobes this year.  

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