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Could a POM-POM save the day?

There is a place for pom-poms at Sturman & Co. but truth-be-told it’s only small.   We’re not the sort of professional studio to install curtains with ornate swags and tails, or where things are shiny for the sake of it.  Sometimes a scheme or a client calls for a little bling, but with me steering the design it will only ever be a little.  Enough to raise a smile, not an eyebrow.  

Yesterday a client and I had a proper giggle during our scheme approval meeting.  It got me thinking about the frivolity of my work, and not for the first time.

As I had typed the words “POM POM” into my notes, I reflected on the conversation we’d only just moved on from and I couldn’t stifle a tragi-comic chuckle.  We both ended up laughing.  

By day (and often night), my lovely client is a director responsible for a multi-billion pound turnover.  She had just told me about how she had been recently dealing with the kind of serious stuff that directly affects thousands of lives and the wider economy.  Pretty much the antithesis of pom-poms then.  The irony that we had manage to move between the two subjects so seamlessly was too much!

Understandably, the project we’ve been working on together has needed to take a back seat for the last few months.  But yesterday’s meeting was a good sign that things are back on track for my client and her family.   She adored the pom-pom sample I had brought along and she also confided that my design schemes have kept her going at times during a really tough few months at work.  Since I last saw her she’s even found time to prepare for the big changes ahead at home.  Sorting stuff out and getting a clear head about what her family home means and how it should function.  We’ve just scheduled the transformations to take place in July. 

It was a really exciting meeting for us both, signing off on the details that will make home a more comfortable, luxurious and fun place for this family.   She cannot wait to see the changes brought to life, through 7 rooms of their home.  And the meeting also underlined two of the biggest pleasures I get from my professional work: Firstly, I get to work with some very inspiring leaders who have fascinating lives and who really interest me on a personal level.  I often feel lucky to be chosen by our clients and I love talking to them and learning about their stories.  Secondly, the satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped them to make changes that they wouldn’t have arrived at by themselves, but which will continue make their lives easier and make them smile.

So there we have it – a (tenuous) story of how a humble pompom trim could possibly have helped to resolve a major headline crisis, maybe even saving jobs!   By putting a smile on the face of my very capable client and helping her to relax at home, so she can get on with doing a great job on the really important stuff in her life.  Whoever would have thought it?

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