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Dressing Rooms for your Saturday Swag

This week has flown by and we’ve been mostly working on three local and luxurious Master Bedroom Suites (doesn’t that phrase need an update?!)  – bedrooms with en suite and every woman’s dream – a dedicated dressing area.  Where better to stash that #saturdayswag?


Having three different personal styles to work with on the same type of space is a lot of fun.  Check out the walk-in wardrobes of Mariah Carey, Carrie Bradshaw and Nicky Hilton below.   I’ve also opened up a few #dressingroominspo pictures I’ve been looking at with clients at https://uk.pinterest.com/sturmanco/walk-in-wardrobe-inspiration/ to help them to define a style for their own home.

You don’t need a lot of space for a beautifully designed walk-wardrobe, but you should treat it like any other room and curate your colours and textures carefully.  And don’t forget to express some of your personality…  The styles our clients are leaning towards include a mid-century take on minimalism for that tidy, mindful client and a playful and feminine sanctuary with a chandelier another’s husband isn’t mad about!  French-inspired glamour is on the cards for our shoe-collecting third.

Two of our three projects are scheduled for completion before the year is out, so watch this space for pictures as our Sturman & Co. dressing room designs come to life!



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