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Finishing touches

You may have noticed during October we’ve been thinking a lot about workspaces.  As the month draws to a close it’s time for the finishing touches and we’re looking to our friends @Haykinshop for a some simple pops of colour and practicality.

Whether you have enough space for a corner desk, or just the corner of a desk, the bright tones of Harto powder coated metal desk storage will modernise and organise it for 2016. 

They come in four different sizes, so use them all to make an original Mondrian style display, which may be the closest you get this year to making paperwork interesting!  We’d style them on a pure white or ash desk, with navy or grey walls, to bring some colour to a plain but simple scheme like this:


Bess uses these magnetic wooden framing dots in her office – a minimal but smarter-than-drawing pins way of displaying designs and work.

And Bubble always likes a trip to a stationery store – it’s a kind of grown up version of a sweet shop!  Being as organised as Bubble isn’t easy and she’s of the opinion you can never have too many notebooks, especially if they’re as lovely as these.

Take a look online, or treat yourself to a peek at Haykin’s pop up store at
toast house on Sunday 6th November.

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