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A challenging brief

Our 2017 projects are well underway at Sturman & Co. HQ and I just wish my desk was as tidy as it was last summer when these pictures were taken by @photographybykathryn!

Among other things, last month saw the the completion of 4 children’s bedrooms to our design schemes and some lovely feedback from happy parents as their children settled into their new rooms.

Taking a scheme brief from a child or teenager is always interesting!   They can often have unerring confidence in their choices, which would usually be a good thing, but sometimes Mum and Dad don’t share their desire to paint the whole room purple and pink!

So how did Sturman & Co. resolve a recent brief that centred around a boy’s love of WWE Wrestling Figures with any kind of tasteful design aesthetic?

It was a challenge met by using a strong colour palette taken from WWE Red/White/Blue branding, some motivational words from Wrestler John Cena and a tapestry monkey cushion from George that the client and his Mum both loved.

A happy boy and happy parents.  Meanwhile his teenage sister got her cool new bedroom with study area furnished with blackboard painted shelves and a touch of copper.

And that’s me back to work on the next completely different project…

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An Original Style Crush – Marilyn Monroe

Our first ever Style Crush starts with a classic, Marilyn Monroe. We’re inspired by her very own Manhattan apartment coming on the market this week – with classic style and beautiful views, it pretty much sums her up.

Famous Interiors Marilyn Monroe

Living like Marilyn Monroe did – This is her very own Manhattan apartment, which is on the market this week

If Marilyn were still around and had asked Sturman & Co. for a scheme to liven up this elegant room, we’d suggest introducing a stronger colour theme, a more interesting rug, like one from www.frontrugs.com (it’s a dream budget, right?) and some layered lighting as a start, but we’d sure keep that herringbone floor, Mr President.

Why not add little glamour to your interior too?

The Originals are the Best. A Sturman & Co. Style Crush






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Adding Accent Table and Floor Lamps to your Room Scheme

Table lamps can add a depth to any room, creating accent lighting in a dark corner or to highlight a stylised table top.  Floor lamps are perfect to spotlight a reading spot or frame a scene within a room.

If you are planning ahead, you could ask your electrician to wire in a 5 amp circuit, so you can control your accent lighting from the wall switch, just like a traditional pendant.  You’ll have to swap the lamp plugs for round pin ones, then you’re all set with a sophisticated layered lighting scheme.

Meanwhile, here’s some lamp inspiration which could suit many more traditional room styles.

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No electrician required

So we’re putting up the fairy lights this month and thinking about bringing light to these dark, gloomy evenings.  Starting with the simplest touches – candles are one of our favourite things.

Whether it’s a tea light or taper, candelabra or church candle there’s something about the flickering glow that feels immediately comforting and creates a special atmosphere within the room.  We love some of the winter-scented options from Neom and White Company, as well as simple supermarket vanilla tea lights – a budget option we never tire of.


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A retrospective of favourite lights

With the clocks going back, we’re focussing some attention this month on lighting, so here’s a little peek at some of Bess’s favourites from rooms she has designed in the last few years:

A favourite from a room design completed in 2014.  Classic style will always endure.

I have a special fondness for this look – two lights, different sizes, different heights, as a focal point over a dining table.

They’re saying copper is over, but I still love the shiny copper with black on of this wall light I used on a staircase for a client last year.

And finally, these cage lights dim beautifully against the rich dark walls of the Cinema Auditorium.

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Finishing touches

You may have noticed during October we’ve been thinking a lot about workspaces.  As the month draws to a close it’s time for the finishing touches and we’re looking to our friends @Haykinshop for a some simple pops of colour and practicality.

Whether you have enough space for a corner desk, or just the corner of a desk, the bright tones of Harto powder coated metal desk storage will modernise and organise it for 2016. 

They come in four different sizes, so use them all to make an original Mondrian style display, which may be the closest you get this year to making paperwork interesting!  We’d style them on a pure white or ash desk, with navy or grey walls, to bring some colour to a plain but simple scheme like this:


Bess uses these magnetic wooden framing dots in her office – a minimal but smarter-than-drawing pins way of displaying designs and work.

And Bubble always likes a trip to a stationery store – it’s a kind of grown up version of a sweet shop!  Being as organised as Bubble isn’t easy and she’s of the opinion you can never have too many notebooks, especially if they’re as lovely as these.

Take a look online, or treat yourself to a peek at Haykin’s pop up store at
toast house on Sunday 6th November.