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Whine or Wine Wednesday?

Photo by Flaviu Pop:  Ilkley Cinema’s Lounge – A perfect spot for a glass of wine this Wednesday, designed by Bess Sturman in 2015

Is it Wednesday already?

Torn between posting about #whinewednesday or #winewednesday, we’ve opted for both. Yesterday a new enquiry came in of a type we see pretty often. It’s not quite a whine, but a definite cry for help, caused by planning (or not planning) a major building project at home.

The level of urgency varies from forward-planning types who haven’t yet had plans drawn up, to the other extreme where the builders have already left, but the problem is the same – how do we go from plans to the perfect finished room? Please help to make these freshly-plastered walls feel like our home.

At the other end of the spectrum this week, Bess had a quick note from a couple who were sitting down with their Sturman & Co. Lookbook and a glass of wine to pick out the finishing touches to the design scheme we left them with on Monday, so it’s ready to hand over to their builder when he starts next month, together with electrical plans and paint finishes. Their furniture orders will be placed so the installation will be completed by late September. It’s a Sturman & Co. Design, but they will be in control of the project itself, shopping from a list we have agreed together. It’s enjoyable and everything is in hand, including that glass of wine.

So, if you’re remodelling your house, or planning to, would you choose Whine or Wine this Wednesday? Please get in touch if you think we can help.




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