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Many of our clients haven’t worked with an interior designer before and are unsure of what to expect. We like to think that working with Sturman & Co. is a bit like starring in your own action movie. You are the hero, and we help you to complete your mission. Here is a case study to give you a bit of an insight into the way that we work with our clients.

‘Introducing our hero, ‘Kate’

Our client is our hero. They are the most important part of any project so when Kate came to us with a brief to make her living room and conservatory a more welcoming environment we set about getting to know her.

We visited Kate in her home and took the time to understand how Kate and her family live and how she would like to live.

Kate was surprised by how much information we found out about her and her world. Don’t worry, nothing too personal!

We then fixed the scope of Kate’s project so she was clear on what we would deliver, then broke it down into manageable phases for her.

‘Finding Kate’s superpower’

Armed with our knowledge of Kate’s quirks, hopes and dreams, we set about to create an outline plan for her best possible life in her home with her family. We then created a design concept proposal (presented in a beautiful and easy-to-understand format) for Kate’s home environment that would unleash her own lifestyle superpowers.

Preparation is everything.

Once the concept was agreed, Kate’s design was taken into our lab for detailed development. At this stage we agreed exactly how things would look, feel and work for Kate and her family. We included all the small but important details, and presented this to Kate in a design pack that covered everything the project team would need to deliver the finished project, including a detailed price guide. Think of it like Q Branch in Bond - this is where the fun really starts!

The action unfolds…

With the design pack signed off, we set to action bringing Kate’s project to life. We assembled the right project team and created a schedule so Kate knew what would be happening and when. We built in contingencies for Kate and managed all of the tiny decisions and hassle, so that she could get on with what matters to her. Then watch the action unfold…

Happily ever after (until next time…)

Kate’s ‘happy ever after’ began with her perfectly finished home handover. We were on hand to help her and even arranged a photoshoot to provide her with a lasting record of her transformation.